The Orchard

By joining The Orchard, you sustain our work and help our scholars turn their promise and potential into reality, regardless of where they start.

We know that talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. Your monthly investment guarantees that our scholars receive the opportunities they need to learn, grow, and thrive.

Program Benefits

  • Founding members of The Orchard listed on our website
  • Exclusive welcome gift
  • Quarterly updates from Higher Achievement
  • An annual virtual meet-up to engage with scholar and alumni speakers.

Monthly Giving Levels

$7 symbolizes seeds: Our scholars come to Higher Achievement with potential and hope. When, like seeds, our scholars are nourished, they begin to grow.

$18 symbolizes roots: Our caring role models and rigorous academic support root our scholars in a culture of high expectations that fosters growth and encourages curiosity.

$30 symbolizes sprouts: Sturdy roots in stable ground empower scholars to sprout with the confidence, character, and skills they need to succeed.

$65 symbolizes trees: Standing tall in their promise and potential, scholars become trees planted in their community: this is The Orchard.